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the Centres in Central and Eastern Europe
"Innovations in the rehabilitation of the juveniles" 17-20.05.2021
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Dear Sir/Madam  
       You are cordially invited to the II International Conference „Innovation in the rehabilitation of juveniles”. The Conference will take place in Warsaw and Goniądz on 17-20.05.2021.
  The aim of the conference :
  • to exange the experience and good practice in work with socially maladjusted youth,
  • to become familiar with the changes in the organization of social rehabilitation systems in individual countries,
  • to promote innovations in work with minors.

The most important goal of the meeting is integration of centers which will enable further meetings and development of international cooperation and joint EU projects.

  • Ministry of Education
  • Centre for Education Development
  • Education and Social Readaptation Youth Centre in Goniądz

Sławomir Moczydłowski- headmaster
Education and Social Readaptation Youth Centre in Goniadz
If you are going to take part in the Conference, please prepare a presentation in English about innovations used in your center. You may send other interesting materials about your center.  Speech at the conference is only for volunteers.
I have a request to send some information about your institution in PDF or Word version. The information will be on the website of the Conference. It helps to know more about specifics of your institution. After the conference you will get the presentations of all participants.

1 – 3 people from one center can come to the conference. Conference costs are mostly paid by the organizer but you should also pay 50  euros for each participant. In includes 3 nights, meals, 2 trips and printed presentations.

I would like to ask you to transfer the invitation to the conference to other instytutions in your country or send  us their addresses. On the way to Poland you can visit the centers in other neighboring countries. After  the conference we can organise study visits to other centers in Poland. If you are interested in it, please report.

  • If you have some suggestions, please send them.  If you want you can also write in your language.

Conference 2013. Warszawa-Sulejówek-Goniądz

On 22 – 24.06.2013 there was held the International Conference „Resocialization of minors in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe – current state and prospects”. Over 40 guests, invited by the Youth Center of Education and Social Readaptation, came to Goniądz. They were representing 19 institutions from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. LATVIA:  Socialas korekcijas izglitibas iestade "Naukšeni"; LITHUANIA :  Gruzdžiu Vaiku Socializacijos Centras,  Kauno Vaiku Socializacijos Centras ,Veliučioniu vaiku socializacijos centras.SLOVAKIA: Reedukačné centrum  Trstín; CZECH REPUBLIC: Výchovný ústav  Kostomlaty pod Milešovkou; Výchovný ústav Boletice -Děčín;   Diagnostický ústav Praha;UKRAINE ROMANIA  Centrul de Reeducare Buziaş, ESTONIA : Maarjamaa Hariduskolleegium;
ORGANIZATORS- Ministry of Education, Centre for Education Development, Education and Social Readaptation Youth Centre in Goniądz
Tel/fax 00 48 85 7380023 mob. +48 500017023; mob. (English) +505966762
Education and Social Readaptation Youth Centre;  19-110 Goniądz Plac 11 Listopada 37  Poland

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